Eye Ch-Art

Hello there!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was way too short, as usual.   Kevin finished up painting the bathroom (which I hope to reveal later…we still need a few finishing touches) and he cleaned the whole house :) !  I had to take a class on Sunday, but I did manage to fit some shopping in.  My friend and I checked out Z Gallerie, Restoration Hardware and HomeGoods for something to do, and we started to see a theme:  Eye Chart Art…or perhaps, just Eye Ch-Art!   My friend and I went to optometry school together so, needless to say, we loved what we saw.

Look at this great little tray from Z Gallerie (only $19.95-I almost bought it):

Z Gallerie Tray

They also had the same quote in a frame (for $39.95):

Z Gallerie Print

The best Eye Ch-Art was actually at HomeGoods (we both bought one of these for just $24.99 each):

Great find at HomeGoods

I am sure most people recognize the quote on the right, and like a millions of couples out there it was read at our wedding.  How could I pass this up?

And lastly, from Restoration Hardware we found these (which started at $345..eek!!):

Vintage Eye Charts:  Tumbling E

Tumbling E chart from Restoration Hardware

Vintage Eye Charts:  Letters

Letter Chart from Restoration Hardware

They look awesome in this pic:

Via Pinterest from Restoration Hardware

How cool and vintage is that room?  Restoration Hardware had some amazing pieces.  My favorite thing I saw the other day was probably this chandelier…I realize this has nothing to do with Eye Charts, but look at this beauty:

From Restoration Hardware

Wow!  If only I had a huge room to put it in and $3825 (that’s the sale price!  Down from $4495).

Ok, enough drooling over spectacular Orb Chandeliers, back to the topic… A while back I had pinned some Ch-Arts on pinterest:

Via Pinterest from Emmas.blogg.se

Via Pinterest from gardenberger.blogspot.com

Not only do I love the Ch-Art in the above pic (it must be there wedding date, how cute); I love how they framed out their thermostat to make it blend in.

What do you think?  Do you already have any Ch-Art in your home?  Have you thought about DIY-ing any?

My new purchase

Our Eye Ch-Art hung in the foyer

We decided to hang it in the foyer; that wall was the perfect size!  How do you like it?

I am sharing the Ch-Art over at:

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