I tec, You tec, who likes Aztec?

I was going to hold off on writing this post because I wanted to find an old photo of myself in an Aztec sweater, but I haven’t made it back to my parents house to search the photo albums.  I am pretty sure I once owned a sweater just like this… 


This one is from Forever 21, but I had one when I was about 12.  I was SO fashion forward, don’t ya think?  I probably need to head back to my parent’s house and find my old sweater so I can sell it on ebay wear it this winter! 

So, part of me still likes the Aztec look. 

I think I just bought these leggings from Target


And what about all the beautiful Aztec inspired home decor?


(Image from Apartment Therapy via Row House Nest)

Another part of me is having flash backs to grade school and junior high.

I mean, just check out Zac’s shirt!   Looks like that rug!  Image via MTVhive.

Which leads me to the point of this post.  I am looking for a very inexpensive area rug for our living room.  Inexpensive for a few reasons:  I am getting cheap in my old age, a one year old + dog + anything nice = disaster, and I’m not completely sure where I am headed with the living room. 

So, would you go totally outside the box (for me) and get something “different” like this:

Home Dynamix Premium 7053 Country Blue Rug

Or just keep it simple and get this in “Silver” (which is more the direction we will probably go in the future) even though you would rather have more of a navy and coral/burnt orange color scheme (this has hints of pink as opposed to coral/orange)…

Home Dynamix Premium 7069 Country Blue Rug

Kevin said I could do whatever I wanted (gasp), but I am torn.  I might go Aztec just for the heck of it.  What do you think?  Any other places where I can find a large area rug for under $100?

Basically I am just looking for everyone to tell me to go outside my comfort zone and get the first one be honest. 

I can’t decide, which is why our living room has bare wood floors.  Burr. 

UPDATE:  Ok, I posted this less than 24 hours ago and after a few comments I am definitely scratching the Aztec idea!  lol.  My original thought was I wanted a inexpensive rug for the winter and didn’t care if I only had it 6 months and wouldn’t care if lil’ K smooshed cookies into it.  While that is more or less still the case I checked out Rugs USA again and I think I am going to go with one that is neither of the above!  I originally wanted something geometric like we have in the dining room, but I didn’t want to spend $400 and/or get the same rug in blue.  I think I found the answer and hopefully we get it soon so I can share =)


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