Thank Goodness for Wine! A Pilgrim Wine Bottle Cover

This year for Thanksgiving my sister-in-law requested I bring a bottle of wine to dinner.   That’s easy enough, right?  Well, I decided to make it a little more fun than just bringing a plain old naked bottle of wine!  

Pilgrim Wine Cover

Yes, my bottle is decked out in his finest Pilgrim Frock.    It was super simple to make, and I think the finished product is pretty funny.  

First gather your supplies (I used whatever I already had at home, so basically this was free for me):  wine, scissors, glue gun, various felts, ribbons, and some sort of cylinder for the hat. I found out that the cap to the hair mousse I had was perfect.  

Pilgrim Wine Cover Supplies

Start by making the hat.  Cut out three pieces of black felt:  brim, sides of hat, and top of hat.  Glue the sides and top to the cylinder.

How to make a Pilgrim Wine Bottle HatNext cut a small hole or slit in the center of the brim so your bottle can snuggly fit though.

How to make a Pilgrim Wine Bottle CoverGlue the brim to the cylinder, and add a ribbon belt and felt buckle.

How to make a Pilgrim Wine Bottle CoverThe hat is done!  Now on to the body.  If I had had enough black felt I would have made the entire thing of felt, but I didn’t so I used some think black ribbon that I had on hand. First I made two large rings of ribbon (large enough to go around the bottle, but loose enough to be easily removable)…

How to make a Pilgrim Wine CoverNext I glued them together and added a strip of white (to cover up the seam down the center).

How to make a Pilgrim Wine Bottle CoverI made sure it fit the bottle, then added a belt, a buckle, and buttons.

How to make a Pilgrim Wine Bottle CoverNext I cut out a large circle for the collar (about 5.75″ in diameter), and cut a hole in the center for the neck of the bottle.

How to make a Pilgrim Wine Bottle Cover


Then I added a little detail to the collar and tried it on for size….

How to make a Pilgrim Wine Bottle CoverLastly I glued down the front of the collar as well as the back and sides.

How to make a Pilgrim Wine Bottle CoverTada.  

Pilgrim Wine Bottle Cover @ Corner of Main

He is all ready for the party!!  Are you ready?  Are you cooking or just bringing something? Anyone else have it as easy as me?  Sure I’ll bring the wine, and then I’ll be happy to drink it also!  

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