Our Door Buster Deal and a Ridiculously Simple Holiday Pillow

How’s that for a title?  

Let’s start with the door buster deal.  I had to work on Black Friday (that’s the usual for me, everyone is off which means our office is packed), so I didn’t actually do any door busting.  I did, however, see this chair online from Home Depot (which was a total accident as I was looking for dining chairs and stumbled on their other furniture…who knew Home Depot had furniture?  Not I).  $99 for a club chair?  That’s a deal in my book.  I figured it was only online, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to an inexpensive chair never having sat on it (Was it small?  Short? Horribly uncomfortable?  You know, that kind of thing).  Yada, yada, yada.  I didn’t buy it. Fast forward a week later; Kevin calls me from Home Depot saying they have the club chair I was telling him about and it was comfortable and looked good.  


Fast forward a little more.  

Faux Leather Club Chair with Joy PillowNot too shabby.  We ended up getting two of them and they are perfect for extra seating in our living room.  With these we don’t have to worry about Kevy smooshing strawberry fig newtons into them.  If he does I can just wipe it off.  

Now that pillow, on the other hand, may not handle gooey red cookies, but that’s okay because it was just $3 and some change.  It was so easy to make; I won’t even get into the how-to’s.  I’ll just share the details, so you too, can whip one up!  Here is another look at the front and back of this sparkly little number:

Placemat to pillow: No Sew!

This was actually a holiday placemat I purchased at Target for $3-something, and then I got an extra discount with the Cartwheel ap (score).  I think I am the first person to ever make a pillow out of a placemat.

Oh, you’ve done it before?  Sorry.  

Funny story.  I was about to write up this post for the Dare to DIY link party, but I wanted to check out the party first.  To my surprise I saw Emily’s Sparkly Pillow:

placemat to pillow

Well, great minds think alike!  Emily’s is super cute…and it looks just like mine.  =)

I did a little different technique for making mine.  I cut a large hole in the center of the back of the pillow, filled it up with loose filling, and covered the hole with a patch made of extra fabric and heat and bond.  I figured it was reversible so I can use it next fall or even in January when I am too lazy busy to pack up the Christmas decor.  

Simple No Sew Holiday Pillow from Placemat

It maybe took 10 minutes to finish, and that is being generous.  I have big plans to make a second one from another placemat I purchased at Target.  This one has sequins…ooohhhh. These are ridiculously simple to make, and are a great gift!  

I did a little more sewing this weekend and finished up a few more pillows for the living room:

Holiday Pillows

You may have noticed that houndstooth fabric on Instagram.  I love that stuff.  I am not sure why, but I do.  And I can’t get enough reindeer in my life this time of year.  Last year I made reindeer napkins,

Holiday Table

and this year it’s reindeer pillows!  

Are you making anything with reindeers this year?  Are you DIY-ing any gifts?  

If you are looking to make holiday pillows here are some other ones I’ve made!  

Have a happy Monday Blog pals!

Partying at:  DARE to DIY


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