Light Fixtures and Foyers

So we have been fixing things over here at the Corner of Main…or maybe more like replacing them.  We are pretty sure that for almost a hundred years the light fixture in the foyer has remained the same:

Foyer in Colonial Home

It’s beautiful, but it’s old and broken.  It was working maybe 50% of the time, and usually that was during the day when we didn’t even need it.  A couple of the faux candles were falling over; it had definitely seen better days. Our big plan is to have it repaired, but while we are waiting for that we decided to get a quick fix from Menards.  

Menards Crystal Chandelier

Well our inexpensive quick fix is pretty great.  I almost like it better than the original.

Menard's Crystal Chandelier

I don’t know when, but eventually I’d like to paint the foyer.  

I love the idea of painting a very subtle stripe on the walls, but I’m not so sure Kevin would go for it (or if I would still like it after all the hard work is done)!

Image from A Home in the Making (original source no longer exists).

Foyer Remodel with newly striped walls, fern art, and layers of colors + texture.  Spaced designed by @Jenna_Burger, www.sasinteriors.netsas interiors

Eventually we would like to add a runner to the stairs as well.  If we didn’t paint stripes I’d love to have a striped runner…

entrances/foyers - striped stair runner, stair runner, woven storage basket, foyer storage baskets, gray stair runner,  Fun foyer with striped

decor pad

Or we could go with something simple.

Living Etc. via The Marion House Book

Or if Kevin has his way…

Elegant oriental stair runners.  Expertly installed.

Pelletier Rug

Looking at all these inspiration photos has me wanting to run home and paint the foyer.  Any tips on painting stripes?  What about painting up the tall stairwell? I think it might require the use of scaffolding.  Oh well, for now it’s probably best that I enjoy my new light fixture and browse Pinterest for more ideas.  

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