Day #32

We are on day #32 without a kitchen.  We didn’t really have a timeline when we started, but I think Kevin and I thought we would be a little further along by this point.  We have had to change plans and alter things as we have gone along, but we are slowly making progress.  The biggest issues so far have been whether or not to keep the soffits, that huge pipe I talked about a couple weeks ago, and what to do with the flooring.  

Thankfully Kevin took the soffits down!


Yahoo!  I am so excited that we can now have tall cabinets and (hopefully) a new pendant light.  Removing the soffits was actually a blessing in disguise. The can light that was originally over the sink was installed very poorly and upon it’s removal Kevin realized it was a major fire hazard!  


See, I totally saved the day with the soffit removal idea.  Next up is adding a new pendant, like this glass jar fixture from West Elm.  The image shows three fixtures, but I like the center one (tall with Sea Green Glass).  

Kevin just has to figure out how to hang it.  Apparently there is a huge beam right in the way of where the electric needs to be added, so we will see what he and my dad can figure out.  

After the soffits came down, Kevin was able to build out the wall to accommodate that pipe.


Ahhhhh…we now have a nice straight wall to work with!  Previously there was a small bump out with the cabinets and the stove was slightly recessed.  Now that everything is flush we decided to move the stove over.  It’s not recommend to have a stove immediately next to a door way because of safety concerns, and ultimately it will look better and be more functional to have counter space on either side of the range.  

After Kevin added the new studs he and my dad worked on the electric.  They spent a good 8 hours moving things around to accommodate the new stove and microwave locations, and adding outlets.  We didn’t have any outlets on the left side of our kitchen before and it was soooo inconvenient.  Everything had to be plugged in to the right of the window or in the breakfast area.  I didn’t understand why there was no outlet on the left side, but now that problem is solved.  We have three new outlets: one on either side of the stove and one to the left of the window (which mirrors the other side of the window).  All this talk of outlets got us to the discussion, how many outlets is too many?  Kevin and my dad think more outlets = better kitchen.  My mom thinks less is more, and I’m really not sure.  I am sure that I want to be able to plug in my toaster, mixer, perhaps charge my phone and use a blender without doing the electrical hokey pokey.  So my dad and Kevin won this battle. It’s kind of like that old T.V. show Home Improvement:  

Maybe it’s a guy thing.  

After the electrical was roughed out, Kevin and my dad added insulation to the one wall that faces the outside.  


Do you believe there was nothing insulating this wall before  (only the small area above the window)?  Crazy old houses and crazy DIY repairs.  In our demo we realized that the kitchen was “updated” in 2001.  The people that did the “updating” left a piece of wood with their names and the date in the wall. So, why didn’t they add insulation?  Who knows my friends, who knows.  

Next up will be wallboard!  It will be nice to actually see walls again.  Thankfully the majority of the walls will be covered with cabinets and tile so we don’t have to spend too much time taping (and I have to apologize to Kevin here, I keep saying “we” like I have anything to do with the manual labor).  

Once the walls are up Kevin can prep and paint them (we decided on Valspar Morning Downpour for the walls)!  Then we will be ready to finish the other major hurtle…the floors. When we uncovered the original hardwood floors under layers of tile we immediately wanted to see if they were usable.  


Well, turns out 2 out of 3 flooring refinishers say it’s possible, so we are going for it!  We still aren’t exactly sure what they will look like when they are done, but we are hoping for some original rustic charm.  Fingers crossed.  We are also pretty happy that Kevin doesn’t have to lay tile or new flooring (phew).  Now we are just waiting to schedule the work to get done.  Hopefully they can squeeze us in ASAP as we would like to get things moving.  I don’t think we can handle another 32 days with no kitchen!  

To see our kitchen before and our big plans click here, and for the first kitchen update click here.  


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