Demo Days!

Hi! How was your weekend?  Did you get a chance to get out and enjoy this summery weather?  Little K can’t get outside enough. This wasn’t from this past weekend, but it cracks me up so I have to share:


Gotta love that “Cheese” face!  

Speaking of cheese, food, cooking food, and kitchens (yes that was a stretch, but whatever), let’s get back to the kitchen reno!  Last week I shared a few of our plans for our outdated kitchen, and this week I’m checking in to show you guys were we are at.  I’ll be honest, it ain’t pretty…

Kitchen Demo

All the cabinets and countertops are gone!  Yahoo.  Kevin has done everything himself, so all the cheers go to him.  

KitchenDemo2Kevin is about 1/2 way through taking up the ceramic tile.  It’s proved to be quite the process.  There was ceramic tile on a backer board, and then unfortunately tile glued to the original hardwood floors!  After working on the tile for hours on end (using a crow bar and other random tools we already had), Kevin did a little research and determined he really needed a hammer drill with a tile removal chisel. Thankfully Lowes had one in stock so he was able to work a lot faster once he picked that up. It’s still a lengthy, laborious, and dirty project, but it’s coming along.  


We were so excited to see tongue and groove hardwood floors under all that awful tile, but the wood is in pretty bad shape.  So far we have had one hardwood floor re-finisher come out to give us a quote about resurfacing, and he suggested we just lay down a new floor.  That’s not what we wanted after we got so excited about original floors, but we’ll see.  We are getting two more opinions today.  The coolest part about these floors is they are apparently red pine, which is extremely rare, and back in the day were very expensive.  Unfortunately this type of wood is no longer manufactured so trying to repair the damaged parts is impossible, unless we can locate reclaimed lumber.  Major bummer.  I guess the positive part is the sub floors are in great shape and there is no need to lay down a new layer.  

Another big issue we ran into is what was hiding behind one of the walls and that soffit.  

PipeSay hello to the big ugly back pipe that is going to give Kevin and I an ulcer. Problem #1 with the pipe is it juts out at the bottom a few inches from the wall/what was the wall.  The previous kitchen didn’t have a cabinet in this corner (it was just countertop over an empty space with two cabinets meeting together on either side in the front) so it wasn’t an issue.  Kevin and I had plans to get a corner cabinet with lazy susan here.  If we keep the wall as is that will not happen, or we would have to cut the cabinet.   Picture #2 shows the full pipe, and it actually tilts back into the wall the higher you go, so it’s only on the bottom that this is an issue…or wait…picture #3 shows how the pipe juts out again!  This time it comes out really far and exits the room through the ceiling, hence the need for the soffit.  Ugh.  I am not a fan of the soffit, and I really want tall cabinets.  

Here is my proposed solution:  we need to bump out the entire wall to accommodate the lower portion of the pipe.  This is about 1.5-2 additional inches from the old wall. This does not affect our cabinet sizing on the bottom as we had spacers for a portion of it anyway, so now the spacers just have to be smaller.  I am still voting for removing the soffit.  I just think it will look so much nicer.  Once we do that, we have no choice but to cut a hole in the back of one cabinet to fit the top portion of the pipe.  I feel like it’s a small price to pay to get all tall cabinets.  Don’t you think?  I almost feel like having a soffit in the entire kitchen just for this one pipe is over kill (although necessary unless you want to cut up your brand new cabinets).  I am trying to get Kevin on board, but we’ll see.  

One more positive to removing the soffit is we can replace this can light over the sink with a nice pennant light.  


Oh that would be wonderful!  I can picture it now.  

Oh, and here is one last pic of the space (in case you were wondering where the heck our fridge is):



It has it’s own little nook.  

Anyone else have a fridge nook?  Does anyone have experience with red pine flooring? What do you think, soffit or no soffit?



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